We are Hypercell

Our goal is to help business customers to achieve and exceed their targets by increasing quality and work efficiency, while also helping public sector customers win the race towards the future cities.

Our team has broad experience in multiple industries from several decades. Our team thrives in solving our customer's problems.

We provide advanced solutions in tracking, sensing, processing and analyzing to a wide variety of fields and industries. By using our solution, you are able to focus on what matters, exceeding the goals in productivity, efficiency and safety.

Our values

We believe that our values reflect who we are.


Data privacy and security is very important for us


This globe is for all of us, so lets treat it in such a way


There are still so many things left undiscovered


Good quality also means less waste and better sustainability

We aim to support your business globally

We currently have offices in Finland, Chile, Sweden and Estonia. Our cloud centers provide services throughout the world.

You are able to reach us with the following details

Tommi Hippeläinen
Chief Executive and Technology Officer

tommi.hippelainen (at) hypercell.fi

Sami Vepsäläinen
Chief Operations Officer

sami.vepsalainen (at) hypercell.fi

Kalle Virtanen
Vice President, Special Projects

kalle.virtanen (at) hypercell.fi

Harry Li
Chief Strategy and Financial Officer

harry.li (at) hypercell.fi

Felipe Arretz
Managing Director, Latin America

felipe.arretz (at) hypercell.fi

Veli-Matti Rautanen
Managing Director, Finland

veli-matti.rautanen (at) hypercell.fi

Mikko Siusluoto
Business Unit Leader, Smart Cities

mikko.siusluoto (at) hypercell.fi

Josemaria Roa Hudson
Business Development Director

josemaria.hudson (at) hypercell.fi

Gazmend Jusufi
Business Development Director

gazmend.jusufi (at) hypercell.fi

Jani Frants
Sales Manager

jani.frants (at) hypercell.fi

Janne Halmela
Sales Manager

janne.halmela (at) hypercell.fi

Mikko Ahtiainen
Product Manager

mikko.ahtiainen (at) hypercell.fi

Olli Virtanen
Treasury Accounting

olli.virtanen (at) hypercell.fi

Ville Sarainmaa
Legal Counsel

ville.sarainmaa (at) hypercell.fi

Jesse Virtanen
Assembly Line Manager

jesse.virtanen (at) hypercell.fi

You can also contact our other personnel by sending mail to name.surname (at) hypercell.fi


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