Solutions using best-of-breed technology

Our solutions are based on the best technologies available on the market today. We do continuous development with our customers to further better our solutions. We also work with the best companies in the world to integrate their technologies and features with ours, in order to provide our customers with more options. We have extensive experience around different industries and their special considerations and needs.

The solutions provide an end-to-end solution from the point of data collection all the way to utilizing the collected data in your business.

Data Collection

Our Hyperunit sensors can be deployed in any kind of location. The sensors are available with IP67-proofing and include a global data plan for integrated data transfer. Optionally the Hyperunits can be equipped with additional sensors for extended data collection needs.

Data Processing

Our Data Processing platform is a cloud service where all of the data is processed and stored. All data is stored with the highest degree of trust, using secure encryption. For our customers in EU, we store all data within the EU borders. The Data Processing platform is also available on-premises.

Data Consumption

Our Data Consumtion platform provides access to all stored data using our API. Our API is easily integrated to any Business Intelligence solution. The Data Consumption platform also includes tools for inventory, billing, user and calibration management as well as for visualizing the data.

Hypercell Hyperunit hardware for data collection

Our hardware sensors are able to collect the data and send it for processing. The Hyperunit sensors are optimized for collecting anonymous data regarding people volumes, dwell times and flows indoors and outdoors. The sensors can optionally be equipped with a wide variety of additional sensors for gathering information on the environment.

The units are equipped with an global integrated data plan, enabling a simple and fast installation. All sensor configuration can be done remotely, without any hassle.

The small physical dimensions of the sensor enable a discreet installation.

Hyperunit model comparison

Hyperunit 6i
Hyperunit 6r
Data Privacy Enabled (100% GDPR compliant)
Built-in Data Encryption (AES)
Small form factor (25mm x 50mm x 100mm)
Integrated global connectivity (including data plan)
Designed for indoor usage
AC power input with power adapter (100-240VAC 50/60Hz 0,5A)
Designed for outdoor usage (IP67)
DC power input (5-32VDC 1A)
Alternative DC power plug selection
Option for custom DC power plugs (for larger order amounts)

* AC power adapter is an option

Global coverage with our cloud services

The data is safely stored in our cloud services, running in a set of data centers with low latency certified security. All infrastructure is designed to be highly reduntant, offering enterprise level stability.

The primary datacenters are located in Frankfurt, Germany and Dallas, Texas. We also have secondary data centers in Brazil, Japan and Australia. The secondary data centers are mainly for connectivity and processing, while the data is stored in one of our primary data centers.

We also provide on-premises solutions for customers with special requirements.

Our services provide three kinds of data


The Volume provides information regarding the number of visitors within the vicinity of your point of interest.

The maximum range is around 50 meters, with heavy structures and obstacles reducing the range.

The Volume is available for different time intervals, ranging from one minute to 24 hours.


The Stay provides insight on the dwell times of visitors near your point of interest.

The range properties for the Stay data is similar to the Volume.

The Stay is generally available as an hourly average, with more detailed time ranges available in areas with larger numbers of visitors.


The Flow provides insight regarding the movement between multiple points of interest.

The Flow can be described as a mesh with directions, durations and volumes of movement between two or more points.

The Flow is generally available as an hourly average, with more detailed time ranges available in areas with more traffic.

Manage your inventory with the user interface

We provide a web-based application to manage and control any settings and properties of your inventory, calibration, billing, user and API access, and more.

The application also provides access to your data with the features and functionality to search and visualize a wide range of things.

Fuel your analytics with the REST API

All collected data is instantly available from our REST API. The data is easily visualized in your favorite Business Intelligence software or turned into a beautiful and useful dashboard. The data is provided in real-time, while still keeping access to all relevant history data.

The data is formatted in a documented JSON structure for easy usage by your analytics team and data scientists. The data can also be used to drive real-time applications, such as mobile apps and more. All functionality available in our user interface is also available over the REST API.

Our teams are also available for consultation on how to build the visualization you need.

The data can also be visualized using open source projects like and


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