Boost your services and sales in retail sector

We provide a solution to follow customer movement and tap into customer potential that has not yet been converted to sales. Our data can be updated in real time and it is accessible via our REST API or dashboard.

The data helps business management to optimize their sales and services and it can be also utilized to generate significant cost savings.

Our service collects anonymoys traffic from designated key interest points. All data is completely anonymous and cannot be linked to any single individual. It is 100% GDPR compliant.

Boost your sales & services with real-life data

Improve sales & services with better layout planning based on key interest points and travel paths of customers

Generate cost savings for any venue by optimizing service and opening hours

Boost marketing efficiency and strategy based on the people flow data and assess your campaign impact

Measuring customer volume

  • Our service provides data of people flow at key interest points
  • Our sensors detect the amount of signals and convert it to accessible data and numbers
  • The near real-time data can be accessed via our REST API or dashboard

Understanding customer dwell times

  • Our service collects information on how long people spend time at key interest points
  • The dwell time is calculated on location and the data is stored in our secure cloud service
  • The data provides insight on average dwell time of a bigger crowd at key interest points

Observing customer flow

  • Our sensor network collects data on people movement between key interest points
  • The data provides insight of customer movement and most popular movement patterns
  • Store layout changes and new key interest points reflect the customer flow and can be observed in real time
We will never share your contact details with anyone else.
All information will be treated confidentially and will not be shared to anyone outside of our organization unless explicitly agreed.


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