Play a part in changing the outdoor media market

We provide unprecedented data on volume and dwell time of people in the vicinity of your outdoor display. All data is collected in near real-time and can be accessed directly via our REST API or dashboard.

The data that we provide can be used to drive modern implementations of VAC (Visibility Adjusted Contact) and OTC (Opportunity To Contact).

Our service collects anonymous traffic from the specified areas. The collected traffic is completely anonymous and cannot be linked to any single individual. It is 100% GDPR compliant.

Boost your sales with real-life impressions

Offer real-life impressions for your advertisers

Improve the utilization rate of your outdoor screens

Gain significant competitive advantage with our GDPR-proof solution

Measuring volume around your outdoor display

  • Our service provides data of people flow at key interest points
  • Our sensors detect the amount of signals and convert it to accessible data and numbers
  • The near real-time data can be accessed via our REST API or dashboard

Understanding dwell times near your outdoor displays

  • Our service collects information on how long people spend time at key interest points
  • The dwell time is calculated on location and the data is stored in our secure cloud service
  • The data provides insight on average dwell time of a bigger crowd at key interest points
We will never share your contact details with anyone else.
All information will be treated confidentially and will not be shared to anyone outside of our organization unless explicitly agreed.


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