Real-time IoT platform in city scale

Our IoT-platform enables anonymous tracking of people flows in city scale, outdoors and indoors in any public spaces - powering the next generation of data intelligence.

Statistical information can be gathered effectively on the movements of tens of thousands of people and more – in real-time, securely and anonymously (and 100% complying with GDPR).

The collected data forms an important building block for city planning, helps optimizing services and maintenance and it can be used in multiple ways to benefit the citizens and companies connected in the smart city eco-system.

The services in this section are targetted for public sector clients, such as cities and public entities.

People flow for intelligent cities

Among others, we have had the opportunity to make the following cities more intelligent

People flow in dynamic cities

Our People Flow services provide detailed data around the movement of people in large areas.

  • Our service helps understanding people movement and behavior in modern cities
  • The data collected helps in creating services and new businesses to areas where they are needed
  • The data can be enriched with other data sources and historical data and it can be used as a foundation for predictive models

The service collects anonymous volume, dwell time and flow information from the specified areas. The collected traffic is completely anonymous and cannot be linked to any single individual.

Traffic flow in modern cities

Our traffic flow services can provide general data about traffic conditions in wide areas. Additionally the service can provide detailed information about the public transportation.

  • Our service helps understanding the traffic flow and bottlenecks in modern cities
  • By analyzing traffic data that we collect it is possible optimize public transportation and other forms of traffic in cities
  • With the help of our service it is possible to optimize traffic flow resulting in cost savings and cleaner environment

The service collects anonymous data from the specified areas. The collected traffic is completely anonymous and cannot be linked to any single individual.

Environmental sensing in clean cities

Our Sensing services provide detailed information about the conditions in the specified area.

  • Our IoT-platform can be equipped with many types of sensor data from temperature or noise pollution to small particle detection
  • By assessing the collected data it is possible to create real time alerts in case anomalies are detected
  • The data can be used to make adjustments in order to keep the city eco-friendly and to alert citizens in case of emergencies

The sensing services can be combined with the people and/or traffic flow services.

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